URL redirect checker

This tool will help you see redirect to the final page with response code. This tool will check if the your URL is redirected to another URL or no. You just enter your URL in the page above then click button "Check" and get results.

Example: "www.your-domain.com" or "http://www.your-domain.com"

What this URL redirect checker?

You can check URL redirect with a browser user-agent. You just select the browser user-agent above to check URL redirect.

Benefits of This tool:

Check your web redirect mobile devices(Mobile phone emulator)

You website is using SEO-friendly 301 redirects.

Checking your URL 302-Found and 301-Moved Permanently redirects

Follow HTTP redirects and response codes

Change Your Browser's User Agent With Agent

User-Agent follow:

Desktop Browser(Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera)

Mobile Devices(HTC, LG, Blackberry, Ipad, Iphone, Android, Lumia, Nexus, Kindle, Nokia)

Desktop Browser(GoogleBot, Yandex, BingBot, Baidu, Yahoo)

Gaming Plattform(Playstation, XBox One)