URL Encode and Decode tool converts the URLs into a valid ASCII format.

What is url encoding?

Url Encoding is the action of encoding certain characters of the url by replacing them by their hexadecimal value. The hex value is consisted of 3 characters. The first character is '%', and the two other characters are the hex values. Remember that url cannot contains spaces, url encoding replaces a space with a '+' sign.

How does URL encoding work?

URLs can only contain characters from the the ASCII (pronunced “ASS-kee,” stands for “American Standard Code for Information Interchange:) character set. Otherwise, the URLs cannot be sent over the Internet. The Seo Checker URL encoder tool replaces non-ASCII characters in the URL with the percent sign (%) followed by two hexadecimal characters.

All offending characters are replaced by a % and a two digit hexadecimal value that represents the character in the proper ISO character set. Here are a couple of examples:

  • $ (Dollar Sign) becomes %24
  • & (Ampersand) becomes %26
  • + (Plus) becomes %2B
  • , (Comma) becomes %2C
  • : (Colon) becomes %3A
  • ; (Semi-Colon) becomes %3B
  • = (Equals) becomes %3D
  • ? (Question Mark) becomes %3F
  • @ (Commercial A / At) becomes %40

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