Search engine optimize keywords in 10 steps

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You are trying to improve rankings on search engines, this article I will guide you to optimize keywords need SEO goals. here we need to insert keywords into the content in a flexible manner and natural and not insert too many keywords will backfire.  So how to optimize keywords?

optimize keyword for search

SEO is always changing every day so you should always changing with new SEO methods. To SEO keywords Top keywords on search engines is a combination of a lot of optimization methods such as Title, Meta keywork, Meta Depscription, etc…

Following is the following positions inserted best keywords for your article on the TOP search engines.

1 Register domain namein accordance with the content (main keyword).

2 Insert keywords in the URL of the article.

3 Insert the keywords in the post title, keywords should be placed at the beginning of the Title tag maximum length of 70 characters.

4 Try to Insert Meta Description tag in order to increase the attractiveness of the article, maximum length of 150 characters.

5 Insert Keyword Meta tag keywords into service for search engines easily see your keywords. You should focus on 3-4 keywords and a maximum length of 75 characters.

6 Please insert keywords into the latest posts first.

7 Put keywords in Heading tags (H1, H2, H3, ..H6).

8 Insert keywords wisely in the content of the article.

9 Put keywords in attribute “alt” tag of the image.

10 Put keywords in bold tag or italic tag.

The important thing is to choose your keywords, you need to understand primary keywords. Try to choose the most important keywords related to your website. Content must be quality and valuable for readers to use.

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