MozRank is new measure system that introduced by, It is value between 0 - 10 point score. It analyzes the performance of website as quality of backlink, domain authority, page authority, etc. Domain with higher MozRank are likely to appear higher in Search Engine result page.

What is Bulk MozRank checker?

MoZRank Checker is a free online seo tool helps you calculate the popularity of the particular website. Free SEO tool will get result the MozRank of multiple website in one click.

How to increase MozRank?

  1. Get higher domain authority, page authority, page rank backlinks.
  2. Install Moz’s SEO toolbar for your broswer.
  3. Write quality posts for visitor
  4. Old domain age.
  5. Increase domain authority.
Each URL in new line

Seo Checker performs a multi-factor SEO analysis.

A web page analysis with more than 40 factors affect the ranking on search engines.