Keyword Density Checker

Keyword density checker tool by Hoang Minh to check Seo On-Page keyword density analysis of webpage and check your competitor’s keyword density.

Example: ""

How important is Keyword Density for SEO?

Keyword Density(keyword frequency or phrase used of web page) is helpful for webmasters check content for search engine optimization. So you have to set the proper keyword density to rank high in the search engines.

Free web tool keyword density checker will crawl the Url or webpage that you enter and extract text(all content display in web page) and remove common stop words and analyze the density of the keywords and finally calculates keyword density.

When you click Check button the result will displays the density of the keywords on web page; include single word phrases, two word phrases and three word phrases by type phrase of you selected.

How do I use this tool?
1. Enter the URL or web page you want tocheck.
2. Select the type keyword generate.

3. Click Check button to get your results.

How to Calculate Keyword Density of web page?

This tool will extracts all text and count word from web page.

Next will calculate word repeat count of keywords on the web page.

Calculate density by divide the number of keywords used by the total word count and multiply by 100% and result keyword density percentage of web page..