How to add widgets to blogger

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Widgets, also known as gadgets, it is one of the most essential part of a blog that you can add to your blog. And today I am going to guide how to add widgets to blogger. Blog has a widget for it called “HTML/JavaScript” widget. It allows you to add external codes, HTML, CSS and JavaScript code into your blog. So you can follow our gadget on your blog. Here are follow the step by step tutorial to add widgets to your Blog.

Step 1:
Go to and sign-in with use your Gmail account to register and make your blog

Step 2:
Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 3:
After selecting your blog, go to the blog page layout that you have chosen. or click the More Option near button Create new post and a drop down menu will appear. Select Layout.

Add Widget To Blog Guide

Step 4:

Click on Add a Gadget (Choose a widget or gadget): A new pop-up window will appear that list of various blogger gadgets. To add our gadget (free live traffic feed widget, free seo widget, ip widget script) or other code to your blog, click on HTML/JavaScript. .

add widget to blog guide step2

Step 5:

A new pop-up box will open where you can add our gadget (free live traffic feed widget, free seo widget) code to your Blog.

Step 6:

After adding our gadget code, give it a title if require and click on “Save” button.

add widget to blog guide step3

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