DNS Lookup

Easy lookup view all detail DNS records for domain including A, MX, AAA, NS, SOA and TXT.

Example: "www.your-domain.com"

What are DNS lookup?

Free online tools may be useful to people configuring web servers and web sites. It is often helpful to be able to see what DNS information other web servers are seeing to make it possible to troubleshoot problems. Particularly after making your DNS changes can use this tool to check DNS are correct, when cached entries mean that different DNS servers can return different results.

How to use DNS lookup?

Enter an IP address to check DNS lookup.

SOAThis is the Start Of Authority for the zone. This identifies this name server as authoritative for this zone. It also contains other information, including the TTL (Time To Live) and a serial number.
AThis record resolves a name to a IPv4 IP address.
AAAAThis record resolves a name to a IPv6 IP address.
NSThis record specifies the Name Servers for a domain.
MXAn MX record contains the name of the mail server for this domain.
CNAMEThis is a canonical name, which is an alias for another name. The name server should return the CNAME record and continue the DNS process for the name that it points to.
PTRThis is a pointer to another name. Unlike CNAME the PTR record is returned with no further resolution.
TXTThis is traditionally human readable information, but is frequently used for other things, like SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records. The SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is used by some mail servers to help identify spam emails.
SPFThis is a newer alternative to storing SPF data in a TXT record.