What is Broken Link Checker?

Broken Link Checker allows to test, find and identify broken links of any website, that isn't good for your website rankings on search engine. If your web page has too many broken links, that will make ranking low in Search engine result pages.

We hope that you found this tool useful in fixing broken links on your website. By fixing those broken links, you will significantly improve the user experience on your web page and can help reduce bounce rate and increase pageviews.

If links get broken, a page is deleted or a site moved to a different domain (new domain). it creates the broken links on your web page, so we highly recommend that you use this tool every months for check broken links cleanup.

Why are broken links so bad for your web page?

This makes website visitors really disappointed and underestimate your website, besides this is bad for search engines rankings, search engines tends appreciate quality web content. So you must find broken links on your web page.

Seo Checker performs a multi-factor SEO analysis.

A web page analysis with more than 40 factors affect the ranking on search engines.