Add logo customize paypal checkout page

Sep-23-2014 in PHP No comments

When a customer or user from our website clicks on the the “Pay with PayPal” or “Donate”, etc.. button during the checkout on your website it redirects them to the PayPal page and default your PayPal login name, which is your email address, business name or business logo will appears at the top of your PayPal payment page.

With this custom logo paypal checkout page feature, you can customize PayPal checkout page.

Simple add business logo to paypal check out page

How do you change that paypal logo?

To add your logo or other image to the PayPal payment page: You need adding the following hidden field in your paypal form on your website:


Note: The maximum size of image is width is 750 pixels and height is 90 pixels. Now you can seeing your custom business logo on your Payment pages.


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